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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Park Day LayOut

I had a ton of fun making this layout for these pictures from a few years ago--No, of course I'm not behind in my scrapbooking!!

  All the random pieces were cut with a rotary tool, leaving space for the pictures. The round photo and the edges of the pieces around it were cut with an older Creative Memories circles cutter.

I took the pages to my sewing machine and stitched around the edges a couple of times, and the same around each picture, with a dark blue thread.

The arrow pieces were a set of embellishments that I was given--I have no idea the maker of them. Sorry!  All the arrow pieces were attached with foam tape for dimension.

I printed the two journal/title sections and cut them with the paper trimmer. The larger one, I used to create my own Project Life style of card, with the smaller paper flags along the bottom.

 The long one, I used the Stampin' Up Banner punch to repeatedly cut little fish-tails of different papers, and attached them on either side of the banner--I love the way that turned out!


A star paperclip with different ribbons on the first page is mirrored with the bits of ribbon under the title on the second page, held in place with over-sized staples. 



 And of course, the little primary colored ribbon & brad combos add color as well.

Bottom Line: Several of the papers were scraps, or at the very least, from paper-pads I already had on hand. All the embellishments were things from my stash, and most of them were actually fairly old and/or given to me for free! So, I have about $1 into the background card stock I used, plus the cost of printing the pictures, probably less than a $1 total, and of course the adhesives--maybe another $1 used of those (probably less, but whatever!) That means, for about $3 I was able to make this awesome page! Not too shabby, huh?? Don't let people tell you that you can't scrapbook on a budget!! :-)

Thanks for looking and sharing!

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