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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello Friend - Scrap Cards


Today, I gave myself a challenge! I pulled these scraps out of my drawer and said THESE are what I was going to use up today. You may recognize the pink "Friends" oval as being the cut out from the Teddy Bear card I did on January 21st.


 These are the cards I came up with!!


I only used one extra piece of scrap paper: the ivory piece with circle patterns. I used card stock scraps, two sheets of craft brown paper, and of course, the ivory colored card-bases.

There were 2 of the same cards, the first one. At the bottom, I was running out of larger pieces. I really like the little tiny square at the bottom of the four-quadrant one. The one with the small squares was fun, too--I like the way the stitches look around the edges.

All the "hello" sentiment die-cuts were cut with my Cricut, inked with Antique Linen Distress ink, then covered with Accent Essentials. I do wish I had made the one on the ivory background darker.

I loved this last little strip of paper and didn't want to waste it! So the stamping was done with Versamark Ink and White embossing powder, on this really cute flourish stamp--I just rotated the stamp and stamped it several times. And of course the Hello stamp was done the same way.  

Really enjoyed this project!  Thanks for checking things out!



  1. clever use of your scraps, will have to try it...tyfs

  2. Good job. All the cards are keepers.

  3. YOU are just too crafty. Love these.

  4. I made a spinner / 2 sided one side is the project (scrapbook page, card, boxes, quilling, crocheting, sewing or "other") and the other side is inner circle (color if applicable) and the outer is tools (embossing, stamping, shape cutters/punches, punch board, embellishments. It is fun when I am stuck!

  5. Love them all!! Great idea to use up the scraps!!!!